Are these PFE 022s counterfeit?
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Feb 2, 2009
Hey guys, I just received my Audeo PFE perfect bass 022's and I'm pleased with the sound but I was reading the manual and some package contents were missing.
The manual said 
1. Package Contents
a. earphone with microphone
b. audio filter box with 6 audio filters and changing tool
c. silicone ear tips - 1 pair s, 1 pair m, 1 pair l
d. comply foam tips - 1 pair m
e. cleaning tool for ear tips
f. 2 silicone ear guides
g. carrying case
Now these sound pretty good so far, especially because I was at a metal concert yesterday but all that was inside the box was the earphones and the silicone tips, no carrying case or ear guides or even the audio filter box. Is this a mistake in the manual or was I ripped off?
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I'm thinking about getting a Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass myself. Can you tell me a little more about the sound quality?
In fact i was going to get them this week but i'm reading more about them on this forum first & reviews on the internet.
Are they very light and comfortable fit? This is very important also to me.
Do you like the bass, mids & highs?
Thank You.

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