Are there any IEMs which compare to high end headphones especially for gaming?
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Jan 6, 2007
Hi all,

I've been searching for answers but cannot find anything specific really to my question. I guess there aren't many people wanting IEMs for gaming etc?

My initial thought was to replace my failing Audio Technica A900 (i love their signature) and go for an open back headphone with better sound stage.

My main uses for them would be

  1. Gaming - mainly first person shooters like counter strike (csgo) and battlefield 3 (imaging and detail retrieval i heard are more important than soundstage)
  2. Music - Classical, Folk, Electronic and metal (heavy stuff like Black and Death metal, with some Thrash thrown in)
I managed to buy the AKG K702, K712 and Beyer DT 990 Pro.

None of these gave me what I wanted in terms of sound reproduction. While I preffered the balanced sound of the AKG, the sound stage was huge but the imaging wasn't all that great and they sounded veiled, which I HATED. They reminded me of my HD 555, from the veiled perspective, which are lying somewhere in my house gathering dust. The DT 990 Pro were nice, metallic sounding, but compared to my A900 the mids felt too recessed and none of the 3 headphones were any good for folk music.

I don't know how I stumbled upon IEMs (I had to google what it stood for when I saw it in someone's post), but one guy was raving about the Flare Audio R2A (which seem to be discontinued and replaced by other ones 'Jet' ? not sure how they compare..)

Alas I am not made of money, otherwise the Campfire Solaris and Campfire Andromeda seem to be some of the best.

Budget around £300 and some options I read about:

Hifiman RE-400

Massdrop Plus

Brainwavz Delta

Focal Sphear

Marshall Mode EQ

1More E1001

hifi boy os v3

Does anyone have any real world experience of high quality IEMs? How do they compare to full size for games etc? Which do you recommend for said budget and top imaging/detail retrieval? I like a very clear sounding headphone. I hate veiling and like a good mid range for female/kids voices in music as well as tight bass (doesn't need to be strong). I also like the thought of disconnecting IEMs from the PC and taking them up to bed to continue listening to music/movies and perhaps taking them to listen while commuting to work (after Coronavirus passes!). Using them often should of course help with burn in and create even better sound.. perhaps!

Apologies for the long post and many thanks for any help
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The Shuoer EJ07 continually shocks me with how well it works for games (and even home theater movie watching). It's a big wow for me.
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There are IEMS with stellar imaging, however the soundstage is usually smaller than what you get from full size headphones.
and those are also expensive like for example the Sony IER-Z1R

But you can get great sound for 300, especially if you are including used IEMs. Maybe take a look at Crinacle’s ranking list. I think FIIO FH5 could be for you.

in any case, when you get them, invest time to find the right fit and adapt to the signature.

a cheap test balloon could also be the Moonlight Starfield.

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