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Are the HD800/s still the kings of comfort?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Justin0505, Dec 27, 2017.
  1. Justin0505
    Dekoni Hybird Elites just showed up and I'm about 30min in with them on my head.
    Initial impression is that they are both deeper and feel like they add a little extra perimeter space as well. The also make much better contact / seal on my head, especially in the difficult lower read area behind the ear and above the jaw. Looking at them side-by-side with the stock 6XX pads, the interior wall of the Dekoni's is perpendicular with the with the speaker face where as the stock pads taper inward slightly. So the "ear hole" on the Dekoni's is a cylinder, where as stock is a cone. I think part of what was bothering my lobes on the stock pads was that the tapered sides where touching more of my ear. One downside is that the extra depth does increase the already high clamping force.

    They still sound like 650's to me and I havent done any A/B tests yet, but if anything is different I feel like I'm hearing a little bit more resolution in the tremble.

    Still, I don't know if it's enough of a comfort improvement for me to keep my 6XX's long term.

    Thanks! very useful information. Bummer about the HE560, based on reviews of the sound, it was looking like a good value per $ option... but it sounds like the fit would be a deal-breaker for me. Did you have any issue with your ears touching the speaker foam in the 700?
  2. Brahmsian
    I like the way the HE560 sounds, very dynamic, though it also verges on the analytical. My problem is with the ear pads. As for the 700, I'll let somebody with actual experience answer. I was going off what I read. My personal experience is with the HD650 and HE560.
  3. Sweden
    When was the HD800 the comfort king? Must have missed it.
    They are pretty inferior to the HD555/598 and the Sony MA900.
    The HD800 higher weight and too big pads that tend to put pressure on a spot on the jaw under the ear.
  4. SaddleSC
    The HD800S is definitely the most comfortable pair of headphones I own. My other cans are the Audeze LCD3, LCD2C, and Focal Clear.
  5. ubs28
    If you stretch the HD 650, I would say it is probably the most comfortable headphone out there. It's very light and no clamp.

    Without stretching, the HD 650 has a strong clamp and is simply uncomfortable though.
  6. vrln
    For my ears/head the Sennheiser HD 700 is by far the most comfortable headphone I´ve ever used. Perfect amount of clamp and all round weight distribution. Hopefully Sennheiser uses the same chassis again someday with a more balanced tuning (by using their absorber tech perhaps).
  7. ryder78
    I have only used the 1st Generation of the Beyerdynamic T1. Yes I agree it's all personal and I do accept the fact that my tolerance level is lower than most headphone users here. I find the size and weight of the T1 to be the deal breaker for me. Clamping force of the T1 is fairly acceptable.

    There is a user here who reported the Sennheiser HD700 to be comfortable but it is the heaviest when compared to other recommended designs. Judgment based on weight alone may be ignorant as there are other factors which contribute to comfort. Nevertheless, it's one of the important factors, at least for me.

    I've checked some of the headphones mentioned here and it appears that the Sennheiser HD650 may be worth looking at.

    JVC HA-S680 (what I own now) --------195g
    Sennheiser HD650 ------------------------ 258g
    Sennheiser HD800 ------------------------ 330g
    Beyerdynamic T1 -------------------------- 357g
    Sennheiser HD700 ------------------------ 408g

    If the Beyerdynamic T1 feels heavy on my head, I am pretty sure the HD700 will be even more uncomfortable for me.
  8. Whitetriton

    Ryder, can you share where you got the weights above? I'm wondering if some are with the cable and some are headphones only without cable. I see some sites that suggest that the HD700 is about 270 ounces (*correction "grams") without the cable. I also see that the HD650 is about 260-270 without cable. I no longer have the HD700 but I did not recall it being noticeably heavier than the HD650/HD 800

    That leads to a good question though. Should weight of the cable be included in the weight of the headphones? Technically, if it's adding weight, then it should be counted. However, if you're sitting down and the cable is mostly on a table or in one's lap, it doesn't really add to the weight on the head.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  9. ryder78
    Whitetriton, the weights are mostly taken from Amazon. I'm not sure if the weight includes the cable.

    I don't think the HD700 is 270 ounces as that would be equivalent to 7654g. Perhaps 270g? That would be pretty lightweight though.
  10. Whitetriton
    Yes, I definitely meant grams and not ounces. I have corrected it in my post above.

    Headphone comfort is very subjective due to different head/ear sizes, amount of hair, whether one wears glasses, climate, etc and also variations between different samples of the same make/model (I demo'd a Hifiman HE-560 at home for a few days when they were released and that was the most uncomfortable headphone I ever wore and then tried another sample a few years later that was fine). As such, the HD700 may not work for everybody, comfort-wise, but I don't think weight would be an issue.
  11. Justin0505
    Well, my MrSpeaker Aeon Flow Open showed up today, and they haven't left my head since I took them out of the box.
    Yep, these are the most comfortable headphones that I've worn to date. I was a bit surprised by how not-massive they are: really not much bigger than the HD6XX w/ Dekoni pads.
    I would still like to try the HD800, but that will have to wait at least until My Aplha Prime and HDXX sell.
  12. Dionysus
    HD700 has been by far the most comfortable headphone I have ever worn.

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