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Are the fiio f9 pro that good?

  1. Ocelot 80
    I Guys, I have an pionner xdp 300r and I'm looking for a new iem to pair with the dap and I stumble with the fiio f9 pro which have A lot of great reviews.. I have an ATH-LS70 and ATH-E50 and looking for and upgrade from these two, would you recommend the f9 pro or something else?.
  2. buke9
    While I have not heard the F9 Pro’s have heard a couple of other Fiio’s and was not too impressed doesn’t mean the F9’s aren’t all that just lower down the line was not that good to me. Haven’t heard your AT’s either as there is just too many out there. What is the sound signature you are looking for?
  3. Ocelot 80
    I'm like v shaped sound, a good bass is always welcome. I just read about the ibasso tI01 and taking them also in consideration but I incline more for the f9 probecause it comes with a balanced cable, something that it's compatible with the xdp 300r output which I wanna try.
  4. Will Chiu
    I personally like the it01 more. As sound preference is a personally thing (what I hear may be different from what you hear), I think i may talk about some other factors. I think the it01 comes with a much nicer cable and for me, it has a better fit
  5. SilverEars
    If they would have alleviated the 8k peak, it would have been good.

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