Are KSC-75 good for running?
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Koss Portapros. They are very durable, sound nice enough for your purpose, and the lifetime warranty comes in handy for abused headphones.

If you like the KSC75 drivers, they'll fit in a Portapro frame.
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Doesn't Sennheiser make a sports line of IEMs and earbuds? Might be worth a look.

I have used the KSC75 while running. Having an open headphone while running is nice since you don't hear your feet hit the treadmill/pavement like you would with a closed set.

A warning to those who perspire a lot... KSC75, PX100, SportaPro etc... the pads may absorb the perspiration. Yuck!
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I have worn the ksc75 when I run and like them. You can bend the metal clip so it is tighter against your ear. If that doesn't work you could do the headband mod or get the sportapro. When I run outside I like to wear the ksc75 over my ink'd earphones so that I can hear when cars are around.
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Personally, I love the KSC75s for running. I love they are just "there" and don't feel invasive in any way. I use the er6i extensively so its not an IEM thing, its just a matter of comfort while running.

However, in the gym, I use Marshmallows. KSC75s are too open, IMO, for noisy gyms and I found myself turning it way up to drown out the noise.
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I think they work well for running and jogging. It depends upon how your pair's ear clips are bent. They seem to vary from unit to unit, but you can get a tight fit. Mine certainly fit snug and were not going anywhere.
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Originally Posted by kikkomang /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Look to the sportapro. Its a ksc35 driver in a sport headphone fashion which can also be worn over the head as well.

I had the SportaPro for about 5 minutes...the sonic signature is nowhere near the KSC-35 (which is my favorite portable headphone). Same drivers, yes, but much closer to the head which changes the sonic signature too much for my taste.

I've been using the Philips HS820s, but I've been finding them lacking in bass as of late.

Is there a good foldable neckband headphone that would be a better alternative?
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I also love the KSC75s for running, I find them very comfortable, especially compared to the IEMs I've tried. Dirt cheap too.
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I too use the KSC75 for running, and they are more than adequate in terms of sound and comfort. I find that I can loop the clips entirely over my ears, right down to my earlobe, and then they are nice and snug.

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