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Are flat sounding headphones reproduce stereo image faithfully?

  1. shrewdgamer
    Are flat sounding headphones reproduce stereo image faithfully? I have a new headphone, in this, voices, etc sound slightly right of center. It feels like right side is producing a little more sound coming from right side than left side.

    Is this a defect or is it because it is more flat and therefore reproduces the stereo image more accurately? I don't know if I should return it or keep it.
  2. bemckinley
    Idk about stereo imaging, but I have the same “perceived” issue with my headphones and they’re $1300 fostex th900’s. I’ve done online test tones at audiocheck.net and they sound equal then. I’m starting to think it’s a hearing issue and one one of my ears is better than the other. This is entirely possible and may be the case with you as well. Another possibility I’ve considered is that once you “think” you hear something wrong with headphones you tend to fixate and obsess with it when it all could just be in your head. At any rate, I’m with ya, I’m going through the same thing. Hope this helps.
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  3. shrewdgamer
    Sorry to hear about your problem, hope you get better soon.

    I tried this with multiple tracks and this problem seems to be only in the new one, because I immediately switched to my Chi-Fi gaming headset and replayed the same tracks in that and it sounds equal in both sides, but the Chi-Fi one has it's own sound card to it's cable. I connected earphones to the same source to which I connected my new headphones, and even in the earphones the output seems to be equal in both sides. In my operating system's audio settings, increasing left side's output by 0.72dB seems to equalize both sides in the new headphone. If it was irrational and imaginary wouldn't it have made it louder than right side? The problem I have is most of the audio I listen to is from YouTube and mp3s, some of the people who upload these use joint-stereo and in that encoding, center sounding voices and noises seem to be placed in the right side, so they really do tend to sound slightly right of center but they should produce the same slightly right of center placement in stereo image in my other headphones and earphones too but this problem seems to be only in the new one.

    I thought maybe it was the audio hardware but earphones connected to it produce the same output, so I eliminated the audio hardware as the problem.

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