Archos 5 now supports OGG/FLAC
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Headphoneus Supremus
Apr 30, 2004
Don't know if this has been mentioned yet in another thread but just noticed that with the lastest firmware update the Archos 5 now supports OGG and FLAC. That, plus SPDIF output (when using the dock), 250gb, WiFi, and about the best 5" 800x600 touch-screen display available right now, all for $439 (Amazon.) Interface is drag-and-drop (works with any OS, even Linux, and works great with MediaMonkey) or MTP. Plus full web browser support is now included in the base price, and you can even listen to music while browsing the web. Like most new Archos products it's a little buggy out of the gate, but that's getting fixed with regular firmware updates (no one saw FLAC capability coming, but there it is.) Sure seems like a good features/price/performance value vs. competition.

No financial interest here on my part, just saying...


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