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AP's "Advanced Audio Measurements" Seminar In Chicago Tomorrow (Sept. 24, 2019)

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Audio Measurement Lab' started by jude, Sep 23, 2019.
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    This week, Audio Precision will be holding their Advanced Audio Measurements using the APx Audio Analyzer Platform seminar in Chicago and Detroit. The Detroit one is full, but there are still openings for tomorrow's Chicago seminar. Seminar information below:

    This one-day seminar will focus on advanced measurement methods required to fully characterize automotive audio and infotainment systems. The discussion will include using real-world signals (music and speech), open-loop measurements using stepped-sine, multitone, and log-chirp excitation, perceptual measurements of Bluetooth speech and music codecs, and characterizing audio delay. This seminar is intended for engineers and technicians already familiar with the Sequence and Bench Modes of APx500 audio measurement software.

    You can register for the September 24 Chicago seminar at the following link: Audio Precision's Advanced Audio Measurements
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