Apple in ear (dual driver) iem, is it good?
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Feb 23, 2010
I found a lot of reviews of it, but some says it has lot of bass and some says it has no bass. How would be the bass on  the apple in ears compared to the etymotic hf5s?
and how are thee highs and mids on the apple in ears?
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If you're talking the current Apple Dual-Drive In-Ear Monitor headphones, they're actually quite good--though don't expect booming bass, though. They are particularly good for listening to spoken word podcasts.
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They have an okay fit. I used to use the included small rubber tips and the fit was perfect. But sadly I lost those tips and used the medium tips for a while. They were a bit tricky. I found you had to stick them in your ear, then pull them slightly out to get a perfect fit. Now, I use Shure E2C foamies on them and it makes the bass and fit much better. It's a bit bass light IMO. It's a fairly neutral and sterile presentation IEM, especially compared to my UM3X. It lack a bit of bass impact and substance IMO but it's perfectly fine for a commute type IEM and the remote is insanely useful if you have an iPhone.
Decent option if you can get them for cheap.
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I had terrible fit issues with the ADDIEM. Plan on getting a set of Sony Hybrid tips as this instantly fixes the issue and allows a really nice sound. Bass is not a monster with these. It is there and adequate and contained in the proper spectrum but it will not overwhelm you or make you look around trying to locate the subwoofer.
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I would say that the headphones is not worth the $79 that it retails for but on ebay it is routinely under $30.  If you can find the headphone under 30 dollars then I say its the best headphone under 30 dollars.
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Best Bang/buck phone I have heard is the Brainwavz M1.  Was saving these for my GF but decided I hadn't heard them for awhile so....
Man, seriously amazing for the price.  Just an alternative suggestion.
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I like my Apple IEMs, they're definitely not bad in my opinion. Still saving up for a pair of ACS T1 though. :wink:

ACS silicone molds are awesome.  If Jerry Harvey, Westone or Earsonics used them I'd be all set.
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I paid $23 for lightly used versions of the ADDIEMs and I'm very happy with them at that price. They may be pretty bass light but they improve in that respect with Sony Hybrid tips and sound very good for the price.
At their $79 MSRP, you can do a lot better than them but around $40 or so, they're a good buy.
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I love my ADDIEMs, they're comfortable (more so than better-sounding IEMs), light, easy to wear, and I reliably get a great seal with the large tips. The cords are totally not microphonic, too.

When that's not enough, I pull the filters out of a pair of Surefire EP-4 Sonic Defenders, and cram the driver into them*. There's some isolation.

The bass isn't tooth-loosening, but it's satisfying. I paid full price for them the year they came out, and haven't been tempted away from them in any serious fashion. The Bowers & Wilkins C5 sound moderately better, but they're less comfortable, start to hurt quickly, and are very picky with how they fit. Getting them to sit down, shut up, and seal my ear canal means they're not worth using if I'm moving around, and they hurt if I use them too long. This is a shame, because they're so much of an object lesson in that there's more to an IEM than just sound quality.

*(FutureSonics' Atrio, and Shure E3-sized IEMs take better to the Surefire tips, but they tend to lack a button or microphone, and I'm really spoiled now.)
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I love my ADDIEMs, they're comfortable (more so than better-sounding IEMs), light, easy to wear, and I reliably get a great seal with the large tips.

Have you tried em with the Comply Foam Whoomp tips?

Thanks, Jim

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