Apogee ONE + Amp? External Amp + uDAC?
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Sep 7, 2011
Hello Dear Head-FIers.
I have the CLAS and I guess I like it for portable use.. but it does not work with Mac's and I need a DAC to go around with my Macbook Air.
I just got a Apogee ONE from apple, and I am curious can I use an external amp with it and use it just as a DAC?
I need to drive my HD800's since thats what I use mobile. Anyone tried these?
PS: Can you run an external amp with a uDAC?

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Are you planning on using a portable amplifier with the Apogee ONE? If so, it will work fine as a DAC, though you may need to turn the volume level on the Apogee ONE to -12 db or so to avoid overloading the input on the portable amp.  If you are planning on using a home amplifier with the ONE, it may cause a ground loop (characterized by a buzzing sound) depending on the susceptibility to ground loops of the amp.  The Meier Audio Corda Arietta I have worked well with the ONE, using a good quality Mini to RCA cable, and I have a feeling other Meier home headphone amps will work as well, as does their portable amps, like the Stepdance series, and Move series, among others.
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You'll still technically be using two gain-stages, but it sounds great with a lot of amps.

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