Apogee Mini-DAC or Meridian 508.24?
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Apr 14, 2009
I find the sound of the Mini-DAC excellent. It is warm, detailed, and best of all it sounds the same with all sources (yep, I've checked!) I haven't heard a CD player or transport+DAC combo that comes close. Yet, I am drawn to the black glass of the Meridian series, particularly the 508.24.

Has anyone compared these two, or better yet have both and can write a few notes?
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Originally Posted by matanoosh /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You are a comparing a DAC to a CD Player. What is your transport?

The mini-DAC is a dual-stage re-clocking DAC. It sounds the same regardless of the transport. This characteristic is shared with other DACs like the Benchmark DAC1-series.
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i think jp11801 had the 588 and liked the apogee better...

i'm a big fan of the 508.24 & don't think that i'd be likely to come to the same conclusion, but i haven't heard the apogee...

this thread is where i saw that mentioned...

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