Apex Pinnacle2 and Pinnacle2 Ultra now available!

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  1. Todd Contributor
    Hi All,

    We now have 2 new versions of the might and award winning Pinnacle headphone amp and preamp. The Pinnacle2 replaces the Pinnacle. Many upgrades in both parts and cosmetically have been made. Pete took into consideration all of the suggestions we have received over the years and incorporated many of them into the new Pinnacle2.

    Here is part of our blurb on the new Pinnacles - come to our site and read it all...

    The Apex Pinnacle 2 and Pinnacle 2 Ultra are an evolution of the Apex Pinnacle headphone amp and preamp.

    Like its predecessor, the Pinnacle 2 uses a single-ended two-stage amplifier circuit using a 6SN7 and two PX4 directly-heated triodes. The Pinnacle 2 Ultra uses the exquisite Emission Labs PX4 tubes.

    Both the input and output signals are coupled through very high quality audio transformers, providing truly balanced inputs and outputs. New C-core output transformers are employed in the Pinnacle 2, with an amorphous core in the Ultra version. Three inputs are accommodated, from either balanced or unbalanced RCA or XLR connections. Three output impedance selections are available for both balanced and unbalanced headphones, and a preamp out mode drives both balanced and unbalanced outputs. The input and output selections are made via a front panel switches, which activate relays that are strategically located to keep the signal path direct and pure.

    Although it uses the same basic circuit as the original Pinnacle, the Pinnacle 2 received many component upgrades, like a new medical-grade power transformer, as well as a number of aesthetic enhancements. The Pinnacle 2 Ultra includes several key upgrades from the Pinnacle 2, including silver foil paper-in-oil coupling capacitors and Spiral Groove Strange Attractor feet.

    The Pinnacle2 now has a gain switch on the back of the amplifier and a LED dimmer control on the back of the power supply! See - we listened! And a 47 step attenuator for better output level control of the volume.

    apexpinnacleP2_front.jpg The new Pinnacle2
    The Pinnacle P2 Ultra!

    Order yours today and save $500! The first 3 orders will get the new Pinnacles at the lower price.

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  2. Zadok
    Wow. I bet this is going to be incredible. Never had the privilege to hear the first one, but I've heard great things about it. Someone better get a review quickly.
  3. LouisArmstrong
    Nice. Really nice.
  4. ahmadfaizadnan
    Really hope to hear this in person. I wonder if this will be at Canjam SoCal or NY
  5. whirlwind
    Very nice.
  6. Jacobal
  7. Jones Bob
    From the link;

    Pinnacle 2 -$12,000
    Pinnacle 2 Ultra -$18,000
  8. Rossliew
    So, who's buying?
  9. antimatter
    This is awesome...but what is really needed imo. is a Teton mini...
  10. ngoshawk
    I am in possession of th Pinnacle2 Ultra. Good God, that Pelican Case is crazy!:astonished:
  11. Todd Contributor
    Hi ngoshawk,

    The unit you have is the Pinnacle2 - not the ultra (unless it morphed into an ultra in transit!). Have fun with it! And yes, the Pelican case is super and should protect the Pinnacle2 through the loaner program.

    Also, There are 2 upgraded 6SN7 tubes included with the Pinnacle2 - a Sophia and a Sylvania. The Sophia is not even broken in yet!

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  12. ngoshawk
    Well, I was ULTRA excited when I saw the case in my school’s office!!
  13. LouisArmstrong
    Is there going to be an ULTIMATE version?

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