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Apex Legends

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by BunnyNamedCraig, Jul 10, 2019.

Whose your main?

  1. Gibby

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  2. Caustic

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  3. Bangalore

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  4. Lifeline

  5. Bloodhound

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  6. Mirage

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  7. Wraith

  8. Octane

  9. Pathfinder

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  10. Watson

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  1. BunnyNamedCraig
    Been playing since launch and I think I’m already tired of the second season already lol.

    So much camping and people just 3rd partying the whole time. Really makes it frustrating.

    I will say they did a fantastic job of leveling out the weapons imo, I’ll give em that. I now wish there were more skull piercers on the map since I enjoy sniping a lot more now. Since all the weapons shred, it’s a lot easier for me to pick up knocks with the Longbow.

    What y’all think of it?
  2. Stravos
    What's 3rd partying? Is that the people who go off on their own straight from the start? I've been notifying that a lot more in season 2. The skull down cluster from season 1 stuck around, which is... not my thing.

    I've been enjoying s2 a lot. Completely agree that the weapon changes are great. Terrain changes made the middle of the map a lot more interesting as the game progresses.

    None of this changes the fact that I'm terrible, but I'm still having fun.
  3. BunnyNamedCraig
    Third partying is when 2 teams are engaged in a fight together, and a random third team comes in and tries to mop who ever winner was between the 2 (Most effectively is when they are already low on health from the fight...) it makes the game super annoying to me and sadly the consensus on the matter is just “if you can’t beat em, join em” mentality.

    I sometimes feel forced to third party just because my team is so low on supplies or just the timing of the match. But GOD I hate when it happens to my team and I...

    The Skull Town cluster seems to still be there but I feel like it’s not to the stupid degree it once was at. Due to the addition of Ranked, people seem to be smarter about it when you get into the silver bracket (at least... bronze seemed to not make as much as a difference)

    Speaking of- I think ranked is a smart idea but it still has its flaws. I would love to see if they could curtail it more.

    In regards to the terrain changes I am surprised how much of a breathe of fresh air it was for me. It’s been enough of a change to keep me mentally engaged.

    You mentioned you thought you were terrible, how long have you played it so far? My one buddy who’s main is Octane has played like 1,500 games. Him and I play all the time and I’m probably at least that many games. It’s ridiculous how much time I spent playing this! Lol
  4. Stravos
    Ahh, well now the term 3rd partying makes perfect sense! I kinda like that aspect of the game because it makes you choose battles carefully if you're not prepared for all the noise to draw attention from other teams. It's also especially satisfying to start a fight and make it through a few waves of 3rd parties trying to pick you off.

    I haven't tried ranked yet. From the sounds of it I should. I usually play solo queue and it's surprising how many people leave right when they're downed.

    It's been a few months now, I think? I started playing fairly early in season 1. I'm up to 800 games now. The main problem is consistency - one match I'll spray all over a stationary enemy and miss every shot, the next I'll track people perfectly and tear through people. A lot of it seems to be playing *with* the aim-assist rather than against it. There's a tricky balance there.
  5. BunnyNamedCraig
    A LOT of truth to what you said (least we share similar opinion :wink:

    With what you said- me and my buddies are tired of getting 3rd partied so we are finally trying to pick and choose our battles like you’re saying.

    It’s so much fun to serve multiple waves!! Usually I can only hang with that if kids make poor decisions.

    Playing solo is the WORST I feel like. It seems like every 1 out of 5 teams have competent teammates. The majority of teammates fly off in other directions or fly to stupid busy places. UGH!

    I forgot to ask, you play on console or pc? I hear the pc players have to deal with hackers which would totally ruin the fun. Sad for them.

    I have been in your shoes where you’re either wiping squads or way off... I still
    Don’t know why that happens. When it’s on, it’s on. When it’s off you want to turn the console off!
    Stravos likes this.
  6. Stravos
    I play on XB1. Definitely heard the same about hackers on PC, though I've definitely seen some sketchy behavior on Xbox (usually teammates, because it's easier to tag along and watch them). I'm optimistic it'll get better over time, given how transparent Respawn has been.

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