Aorus 570 master or ROG Crosshair VIII Hero?
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May 23, 2019
I'm upgrading and already have an old champion fatality sound blaster but I'm tired of its bugs and compatibility issues. I think of getting a new motherboard that has a good enough onboard audio so I dont need to put the sound blaster again. I use a sennhaiser 600 as headphones.
I know usb audio may be better but for simplicity I'd prefer integrated if its close to in quality to for example, a dragonfly.
Any user of those motherboards, how are they?
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Both come with an add-on DAC chip, which is a plus.
But with the Sennheiser HD600, you really want an external headphone amplifier, to bring out the best in the 300-Ohm HD600.
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I have the Crosshair VII, the predecessor with the exact same audio solution as the C8H. It sounds just fine with the HD600 which I also have. Of course I think my Motu M2 sounds better, but the truth is for just listening the difference is very small. The Crosshair VII has by far the best sound I have heard from a motherboard. The Motu M2 can do a lot of other things, like zero latency monitoring and -120dB mic inputs not needed for only playback of sound.

C7H and C8H both have built in headphone amps in the form of separate OP-amps for headphone out. Both also use a separate DAC from the Realtek 1220 codec, the ESS9023P. Lesser mainboards have everything driven direct from the Realtek chip.
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