Anyone willing to demo out their Gilmore Lite?
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Feb 6, 2003
Was thinking of picking up the Gilmore Lite to use with my computer based setup but wanted to get a feel for the sound first before dropping the money ( $200-300 is a lot for me right now )

I contacted Justin from Headamp about a demo unit but unfortunately the company is too busy with customer orders to accomodate a demo right now ... so I was wondering if any kind Head-Fi'ers with a Lite that isn't getting too much use is willing to let me borrow theirs for 2-3 days?

The amp will be carefully used and returned to you in the exact condition it leaves you with any shipping costs you incur fully refunded. I'll throw in a surprise gift with the return package to show my appreciation.

If you're worried about the " weird stranger with my expensive gear " issue I can Paypal some money over as collateral but I have no bad intentions, just want to make sure I'm getting a good deal .. if you're willing, please send a PM or respond in here and I'll get in contact with you.

Thanks for looking


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