Anyone tried or owns the KICAS/Caliente?
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May 26, 2005
Stumbled upon this interesting little amp (Purity Audio) but I can't find any feedback on it. I'm specially interested in the Caliente which is supposed to have a "tubey" sound. There must be someone who bought it? If so, I'd really like to know what you think, if you don't want to post I would also appreciate a PM. There is a 14 day return possibility so I might take the plunge but I don't like to do this usually.

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FYI, the amp is designed and built by a couple of fine Head-fiers here, omendelovitz and pbalcer.

I had the chance to listen to it briefly at the Toronto meet last summer, but I'll reserve much comment beyond telling you I eagerly await a more thorough audition of the final product, since I couldn't so much as tell you what source or music I used at the time, let alone finer points. It was, otherwise, a very smooth, musical sounding amp which is why I'm excited to hear the final product (and like you, especially the warmer Caliente).

I don't know if you live in the Toronto area, but keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming meet, because the both models are going to be showcased for thorough listening impressions. Otherwise, when I last inquired, it sounds like we can expect a thorough review from Zanth sometime soon.
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Well thanks for this answer GlendaleViper unfortunately I live quite far from Toronto!

Seems like nobody bought these amps, I don't know how this company managed to stay in business unless they sell the amps through another forum community.

Would be really nice to have them compared to other home amps because their price seems quite fair. If their sound compares favorably to other popular amps like the Opera, the HR-2 then the amp could even win be the Head-fi bargain flavor of the month award! haha

Anyway, we'll see what the future brings.
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Indeed we will. Keep in mind the company is essentially brand new (the upcoming Toronto meet is intended to debut the product), and they really aren't marketing beyond the community here, so it's going to take some time before we really get any impressions. Just the same, keep your eyes peeled.
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Just as an FYI, I have a K.I.C.A.S. Caliente that I will be reviewing in the coming weeks. Early listening is very promising.

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