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Anyone not from the United States that have bought the V-Moda Crossfade M-80's? I have some queries.

  1. Turbine Guy
      Hey fellow head-fiers, i am from Singapore. So any Singaporeans or anyone not from the US that has bought the M-80's? I read that the US$35 expedited shipping, is strictly for the shipping only and that i would have to incur any extra tax or whatnot that the Singapore side charges. Does anyone know how much extra besides the shipping they will be charging? Also, how long would the shipping take? Thank you so so so much for answering!
  2. Turbine Guy
    Bump? Anybody?
  3. Turbine Guy
    Shamelessly bumped again...
  4. dweaver
    Enough already bumping every two hour and asking in multiple threads is ridiculous have some patience and wait for someone who can help to respond, people live in different times zones and don't camp on this board so it might take time to get an answer.
  5. spybenj
    For canada you have to pay sales tax on the item.
    As well, whatever company you use for shipping will charge a, rather high, brokerage fee.
  6. Turbine Guy

    Woah, take a chill pill. I'm sorry if I offended or irritated you there. I just thought I could get more responses that way. Didn't mean to get on your nerves there big boy. I'm really sorry that I pissed YOU off. By the way, congratulations on winning the M-80 audio voyage mr. Almighty:D
  7. swbf2cheater


    Chill out, bro, the internet isn't serious business.
  8. dweaver
    OK I may have been caffeine free when I posted that response [​IMG]. My apologies to the poster.
  9. Audio WannaBe
    It's okay bro, we have all had that day where we wake up all cranky and all or if we don't drink coffee. And keeping off coffee when it's a daily affair = cold turkey treatment.
  10. Turbine Guy

    There there no hard feelings mate. We have all had jumpy days. Speaking of coffee what type do you drink?
  11. dweaver
    I started to drink cappacino's because we have a free machine at work and man are those things addictive! I started with one a day and by the end of a week was drinking two a day and sometimes 3! NOT GOOD FOR ME LOL. So after a week and a half of that I thought I better quit since my blood pressure jumped 20 points during that time. So of course I went cold turkey... WRONG! Anyway I am still working toward ZERO but am allowing myself the odd cup and drinking green tea in between, so some of the caffeine but at a more manageable level. Also looking at what I can do to reduce stress and frustration as those also look to be contributing to the blood pressure issue. I'm in IT which generally is a stressfull environment so I am looking at ways to minimize my stress at work.
    I think them there M80's might help me reduce stress... LOL. Looking forward to putting them through their paces when they come in :).
  12. boylit
    I paid 97usd landed cost. that's shipping & taxes included...
  13. Audio WannaBe
    Oh Balls! That's alot man! I just placed an order set for Singapore. I hope the miscellaneous fees won't cost too much.
  14. MittWaffen
    93.70 shipped from Vmoda -> GTA Canada

    Retardedly high.

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