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Anyone have experience with USPS international mail (UA* tracking code)?

  1. forbiddenbeat
    I sold a set of IEMs to a buyer in South Korea 2 months ago, and the local packing store recommend I send them "airmail" instead of DHL. I didn't know what that was and just went with their advice. It turns out it's basically the USPS method one uses when shipping a letter, isn't trackable once it leaves the US, and folks online say it can take upwards of 6 months for delivery. The tracking code starts with UA.

    I refunded the buyer with an agreement that he'd pay for the IEMs if/when they arrive (risky, but kind of the only choice since I should have sent DHL). Has anyone ever successfully sent international packages with this method?
  2. assassin10000
    Sometimes the customs # will work for tracking. I'd try Korea's postal website first or another online tracking website.

    At least that's what works for me when I've shipped to Canada and the U.K.

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