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Anyone have experience with AT&T (Cingular) and Verizon

  1. buddha911
    So my family's wireless plan with verizon is up in a a few weeks, and this would be the perfect time to switch networks if we wanted to. With verizon, it would cost us $200 for 1200 minutes 900 of those being my parent's voice and data plans. With Cingular it would cost $190 for two data plans of $40 each and 1400 minutes. So right now, we are considering a switch. Does anyone have experience with both of these carriers? Which do you like better? Thanks.
  2. raaj Contributor
    The only good cell phone provider is the one that works in your area, and within your budget.

    I am on Verizon, and my brother is on Cingular. I have never had a problem with Verizon anywhere in the country, but I couldn't get any reception at my brother's house. He had no option but to switch from Verizon to Cingular.

    My roommate has Cingular (or AT&t, whatever). He cannot receive calls reliably in my house which is less than half a mile west of I-95, in a major intersection with Office Depot headquarters located right next door.

    I had to stay with Verizon, though the rest of my family are on Cingular. Sometimes, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

    Look for some feedback on Cingular's and Verizon's performance in the major places where you use the cell phone. Then decide if the price of the plan and what you get make one choice better than the other. Both companies are equally matched in pathetic customer service. Personally, I like Verizon's call quality better than Cingular/ATT in my area, so I stay with Verizon despite it being a bit more expensive. After all, an expensive plan that works is better than a cheaper one that doesn't. Stay away from MetroPCS at all costs. [​IMG] Good luck.
  3. Jigglybootch
    I've had Verizon since I was a junior in high school. No problems whatsoever. I know a lot of guys who had Cingular and switched to Verizon or Alltel because they hated Cingular. That said, I don't have a very high opinion of Cingular. AT&T supposedly had the most unreliable network at one point (not too long ago) and now they are part of Cingular, which to my understanding wasn't all that great to begin with. Just my two cents...
  4. Kirosia
    I think it depends on your location. I have cingular and live in MA, and it's not that bad. There've been only a few times where I had reception issues. (i.e. my school, oddly) My only real beef is that their low-end plan (which I have) sucks for the money.
  5. buddha911
    In my area, both networks work well, but when I compare my reception to my friends' with cingular, their's is always one or two bars better.
  6. Edwood
    GSM does not work well at all near my home. So Cingular/AT&T and T-Mobile are out for me. So that leaves Sprint and Verizon. I've been with Sprint since 1999, and have been very happy thus far. Especially that now I'm on the SERO plan. Verizon is too expensive for me, and their so-called unlimited internet access is capped at 4GB/month now. But if money were no object I'd probably have Verizon since their coverage is a little bit better here in LA.
    But for the money, Sprint cannot be beat right now.

  7. nibiyabi
    Everyone I know near my area absolutely despises Cingular. No coverage, poor voice quality, total ****. I switched to Verizon about five years ago after two years of Cingular and I can safely say that since I've had a cell phone over 90% of my dropped calls were during those first two years with Cingular.
  8. Edwood
    Check out the Sprint SERO plan.

    It's $30/month for 500 minutes, N&W after 7pm, unlimited data(from the phone), unlimited text messaging.

    There are no family plans on the SERO deal, but it's cheaper to just get a bunch of individual plans.

  9. warubozu
    I was a subscriber with Cingular/AT&T since 1996. Last year I had canceled my subscription with them as their package plans were a bit too expensive for me for the amount of time I use my phone. I am now with T-Mobile and am very pleased with their subscriber plans as it's cheaper and better suited for the amount of time I use my phone.

    Coverage between Cingular/AT&T and T-Mobile is about equal here where I live. The ability to be able to pay my monthly billing statement at any T-Mobile outlet was also a plus for me as there's a T-Mobile outlet located in the lobby of the office building next to my office.
  10. Lou Erickson Contributor
    I was with AT&T Wireless, and they got bought by Cingular. Immediately, they screwed up my bill and were rude about it, while simeltaneously "upgrading" all the equipment nearby to render my phone nearly useless.

    I switched to Verizon. I have been very happy with them. My only complaint might be the cost; I have two phones with two "unlimited" data plans, and it's close to $200 a month.

    But it works, and that's the important part. Having a phone that does not actually work is not too useful.
  11. beerad
    I used Verizon for several years, and switched to Cingular about a year ago. Which one is better is a function of location -- pick the one that works best in your area. Neither one works well in my home in LA, tucked up against the hills. A friend lives in Kernville, and Cingular is easily the best there. My Verizon phone wouldn't even roam around there a couple of years ago. Then there are areas around Barstow where Verizon gave better service than Cingular.
  12. arnoldsoccer4
    It really depends on your area, and I have no experience in Stockton, but my verizon phone works everywhere I have ever gone, but my friend's Cingular doesn't work anywhere around where I live, no reception at all, everyone basically has verizon that I know here on the outskirts of San Diego.
  13. Nightfall Contributor
    I currently have had Verizon for years, and the networks reception is excellent, but between their irritating customer service, the significantly higher price per minute in available plans, and no rollover minutes, I'm pondering finally switching to Cingular/AT&T.

  14. AuroraProject
    I've had Cingular/AT&T for the last 6 years and I love them! No problems with service, no dropped calls, everything they have works. I spent 2 years before that with Sprint, they were the complete opposite. Dropped calls, features that just didn't work and they couldn't fix them, poor customer service.

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