Anyone from New England passionate about audio design?
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Nov 24, 2012
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Greetings fellow humans. I have long been developing unique and cutting edge audio stuff solo but I have long dreamt of the day where I would meet someone legitimately interested in audio design such as I to combine two brains into one.
My question is simple.
Is there such a person out there with a true passion for audio development that exists within a 1000 mile radius of me in Connecticut? Tis like searching for a unicorn.
Let me know :)
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I'm more looking for active innovators or people with the drive to be such. You wouldn't believe me if I told you what the equipment I've developed can do and I'd rather show than tell.
However I'm starting a business soon so I need to find people that are actually interested in legitimate audio development in the entire chain from microphone to speaker.
Granted, I've already completed the majority of R&D at this point at the expense of 7 yrs of my life and production prototypes are expected to be be finalized within the year, but it's still nice to split the mental load with another person and exchange ideas as I have always been an idea engine with no outlet other than myself :frowning2:
Not to mention the burden of building a startup solo which is effectively impossible.
I'm just trying to send my tendrils out there to get a feel for potential partners/employees/bffs that have the potential to be legitimately interested in the development and sale of cutting edge audio equipment.
Unfortunately such individuals are exceedingly difficult to come by.
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