Anybody try custom Sensaphonic molds on Shure E3?
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Apr 18, 2004
I am considering Sensaphonic custom molds for my Shure E3's for no good reason except that I think they might be more convenient to use/clean/etc. than my foamies, which by the way, provide excellent sound insulation. I PM'd Lindrone and he nixed the idea of custom molds for these, saying that they may diminish the sound quality. But his experience relates to customs for the Shure E5, not the E3. And I suspect like anything else one's response to cusoms is idiosyncratic and entirely subjective. But what the hell -- I'm gonna ask anyway!

So, here's the question -- for those of you (if any) who have done the Sensaphonic custom thang with Shure E3, how are they? Do you find they are incredibly large and unsightly or do you not care given the sound? (I assume that the E3 customs would be less unsightly than the E5s simply cuz they would be smaller.) Was there a sonic/comfort improvement over the foams?


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