Anybody here a techno fan?
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Jan 10, 2008
Stuff like YouTube - ken ishii "circular motion"

or the likes of the prodigy or YouTube - Luke Slater - Stars And Heroes
or YouTube - db boulevard point of view

I have my 650's now for a few months and they sound dull and lifeless for this kind of music.

I was waiting to get an amp for them but am thinking now that it will probably be a waste.

I just want something that will feed the energy these tracks have into my ears.

I'm open to all headphone and amp suggestions. I don't have a local store I can go to check this equipment out.
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i absolutely LOVE the way techno sounds on my ultrasone pro750s. i think they sound better with drum n bass and techno than with house. i use a ray samuels audio hornet with my 750s, and the pairing's sound is exciting, to say the least. come highly recommended for me.

eric b
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For unamped application - ATH-ES7, for amped and if it's not too rich for your blood - ATH-AD2000.
Amazed how some people can live with HD650 w/o amp.
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Yeh i found the es7's to be a good match for techno & trance, they where just a little to uncomfortable for my tastes.

YouTube - GTR @ Trance Republic - MISTRAL

YouTube - The Sunseekers - Oasis 2003 (Mind X Vs Stenzel Original Mix)

YouTube - David West feat. Andreas Hermansson - Larry Mountains <-- another favorite
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I don't know, for me, the Altec Lansing im716's sound great for trance and house. I haven't listened to techno with them yet so I don't know how they sound. But, compared to my marshmallows, trance especially sounds great. The bass is not overpowering is well defined. It's not as fun sounding as the marshmallows but definitely works when I'm listening at home. I like the marshmallows for on the go because they are louder and definitely bring more life to my trance.
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do you guys think that cans which are good for techno (or any other electronic dance music) are also good for gaming?

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