Any thoughts on the packing of this hp amp?
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Jun 26, 2001
Just got this Meier amp today--picked up from a member on Head-Fi. In these pics the amp has not yet been removed from its box. There is a handful of peanuts, and two plastic bubbles--no packing behind, on the sides, or over the top. 


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Totally inadequate, I've received an amp packed badly in the past and the volume pot was damaged and transformer loose, not a enjoyable experience. Hopefully yours is fine.
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No, it was not from Meier-Audio--its a used amp picked up on Head-Fi. I apologize for not making that clear. No cosmetic damage as far as I can see, and the vol. control seems okay. Am building up a new system from scratch, and will be able to check it out in a couple of weeks.
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Totally unacceptable packing job in my opinion.
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That amp looks in pretty good shape considering how it was packed. You just have to check if everything is working now.
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You got lucky, this is a sore spot for me as I have received at least three amplifers damaged in transit from inadequate packaging. Amps need very good packing as they are heavy for their size and have fragile protruding parts like RCA jacks and volume pots that are easily damaged when the package meets with any decent impact. I have had a couple of amps damaged recently that I bought in the FS forum where the sellers lost literally hundreds of dollars to make things right, which fortunately for me they did but it was entirely avoidable both times, as the amps would not have been damaged with adequate packaging. And they were actually packaged better that the example pictured in the OP. I got a pro audio power amp a few years back off of fleaBay and it was packaged about the same as the OP's example. It took a huge hit that really bent one of the rack ears so I got lucky there, it still works to this day but it looks a bit funny in the rack as it was impossible to straighten out perfectly the way it was. Bottom line is if you don't pack a heavy sensitive item like an amplifier properly you are asking for trouble, trust me it's more trouble than it's worth. It's not exactly rocket science but the bigger companies employ people trained as packaging engineers so if you can't figure it out just copy their examples and you can't go wrong.
End amplifier packaging rant lol 


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