Any speakers that sound like utopia?

  1. DoctaCosmos
    got to hear the utopia yesterday and was blown away. I’d never seen such perfect textural colors with perfect amount of solidity to them. Not to thin, not too thick just right. I especially loved the black background the sound emit from not to dissimilar from how a good closed back or semi open headphone can sound. I heard a focal speaker yesterday that I liked and was surprised because metal dome tweeters usually irritate my ears very badly. However, I thought it was a little too thin sounding and preferred a pair of goldenear Triton reference to it simply because of the solidity of the textures and smooth tweeter. Although ultimately I was a bit thick and not sure it was as detailed.
    Also I can’t afford a $10k speaker lol. Maybe in the future. Any help would be awesome
  2. bfreedma

    Have you considered going 2.1 and adding a subwoofer? That would give you more options in your price range and also allow you to place the sub where it works best in your room (a location often not the same as the speakers...)

    If so, how much flexibility do you have on size/aesthetics of the sub? There is a huge array of options, but with the focus on home theater, many are built to be in rooms where they are heard but not seen as they can get very large.
  3. Monsterzero
    Your question is interesting to me because on my desktop system im using Focal Aria 905s
    On my home setup im using GoldenEar T2s.

    I have limited experience with the Utopia(I dont like demoing headphones I cant afford) so whether or not either resembles the signature of the Utopia I cant say.

    I have demo'd high end Focal speakers and still preferred the GoldenEars...The imaging and staging is mindblowing.
  4. bfreedma

    I prefer the Focals to the GEs. Which one of us is wrong? :beerchug:

    Obviously kidding, but this does highlight how important it is to personally demo speakers (and headphones) as personal preferences are diverse. With speakers, an in home demo if possible or if not, listening to different speakers in the same demo room.
  5. Monsterzero
    Yup,my high end dealer prefers the Focals too...I found them a tad bright vs. GEs,but take into consideration since I have GEs in my home my ear is used to that sound.
    Both were tested with a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum ,which is what I have at home.
  6. wotef
    It's good to have a reference to pick the right speakers but like some have said, there are so many variables to performance: the acoustics in your room and partnering equipment being fundamental.

    From the elements you listed, I'd think these are good things to look for:
    1. "perfect textural colors" - seamless driver integration (i.e. transparent crossover) across woofers, mid, tweeters; and amp and source that complements them
    2. "solidity" - good sensitivity and bass extension (so larger rather than small woofers, i.e. more than just a 6+1 two-way bookshelf, accordingly a cabinet volume of at least a medium floorstander)

    It's not about the driver material rather than the implementation of (any) drivers with 1 and 2 above.

    So I think you're looking for a large-rather-than-medium-sized 2.5 or 3 way floorstander that can roll good without a sub.

    I've heard some of the midrange Focal speakers and they unfortunately can't/don't do what the premium Focals do cause of the material cost difference.

    "I can't afford a $10k speaker" -- well, I'd look for used/demo gear, and accept there are going to be compromises of various wish-list characteristics.

    Brands I'd check out are: Aerial, Audio Physic, Living Voice, PMC, Totem
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Probably a good idea to stay within the same brand. Save up and get a demo unit from a dealer. Ditto the amp they'll require. Plus sound dampening in your room.


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