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Any recommendations on a good dac/amp combo or all in one?

  1. iAudio365
    Hi guys,

    Currently have a schiit stack, use it ro drive my mr speaker ether c 1.1s, fostex and soon the new mr speaker AEONs.

    Looking for any recommendations as to what the next best set up would be? All in one dac amp or a combo of some description. Just looking to step it up a notch with something that will drive all most anything as I grow my collection or replace/trade headphones without taking up to much space.

    Thanks for any help in advance!
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Meier Corda DACcord FF and Classic FF
  3. iAudio365

    Thank you. I will look these up.
  4. Music Alchemist
    I adore the Chord Mojo! Sounds far better than my old Schiit stack.
  5. iAudio365

    Is this a all in one? Or similar to a shiit stack dac/amp cobo set up?
  6. iAudio365

    Sorry ignore that question, just looked it up, google is my friend.

    Its nearly 3am over here, cant sleep and brain not working. Thanks for your response I will read up on it.
  7. Music Alchemist
    hehe. Yeah, it's a DAC/amp, but instead of having a separate amp section, headphones are driven directly from the DAC's analog output stage. (Which does have parallel transistors, but pretty much any DAC has some sort of amplification.)
    It can drive nearly any headphone. Here are its maximum output power specs.
    600 ohms: 35 mW
    300 ohms: 70 mW
    56 ohms: 320 mW
    32 ohms: 600 mW
    8 ohms: 720 mW
  8. iAudio365
    Awesome thanks so much. Seems this can do quite a bit for such a tiny setup. I thought i would get more out of my schiit stack when you compare the size to thie chord mojo. Its so small you can use it combined with your mobile phone. I like it.

  9. Music Alchemist
    One of the reasons the Mojo can be better while also being smaller is because it has 500 times more processing power than conventional DACs. This is significant because it uses digital filters with the goal of reconstructing the original analog waveform.
  10. buke9
    The Mojo is quite good many like it with the C's I've heard it a couple of times and it does a fine job. I prefer my Liquid Carbon over it though and my QP1R some will disagree as with all things audio. My Kenzie fed by a Yggy is fantastic with the C's but that is more money and real estate than your looking for just know the C's can really scale well. The Mojo would definitely be a step up.
  11. iAudio365

    Do you mind giving me a link to where I might be able to purchase a liquid carbon? I assume your talking about CavalliAuio I looked at their website and everything sold out. I looked at their retail partners and the one closest to me (I'm in Australia) which is Singapore is a really bad site to go through over ipad plus I couldnt find Cavalli n their brands page.

    Thanks in advance if you could point me in the right direction :)

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