Any realistic improvements for an iphone 6+ with RHA MA750i?
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May 21, 2015
Hi everyone,
I've been lurking a while, and I've learnt a lot so thanks to everyone who puts so much knowledge into this place.
I have an iphone 6+ which I listen to with RHA MA750i's and would like to have the best sound I can with no component costing more than $200. I have read here that the DAC in the iphone is very good and I have no problem with the volume in my headphones. Going through past threads it's still not quite clear, however, whether a decent difference can be made on top of this by the addition of a third party DAC or amp? I expect the answer is no, but thanks for any help!
(in case it makes a difference I also listen from a 2012 Macbook Pro--perhaps the difference is marginal with one, but significant with the other)

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