Any proper Goa Trance fans here?
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Feb 23, 2015
Not sure if Goa Trance is the right term - but good trance not crap trance is what I mean :wink:

Used to listen 20 years ago and then it all got a bit much for my taste.
Then picked up a load of vinyl 10 years ago and fell in love with some of the good stuff again - but still listened sparingly really.

Now have some Solaris IEM with a Hugo 2 and am absolutely blown away - I literally can’t stop listening to the damn stuff!!!

Artists like Cosmosis / Astrix / Deviant Electronics / Doof / Astral Projection Hallucinogen / Shpongle / Infected Mushroom

I am just going surfing on Tidal at the moment (track radio / artist radio / related albums etc) - but is there already a good thread somewhere for top trance tracks?

Maybe some good new stuff / new artists that I wouldn’t have heard of.

I find there’s normally one or 2 that absolutely blow me away per album and am trying to build up a track list - will post them on here to get going if anyone’s interested in joining the conversation? :)

A few of my favourites last few days togive an idea of taste : (I would say on the uplifting side of dark and technoey with lots of little break beats / percussion!)

Deep Jungle Walk : Astrix
The Prayer : Electric Universe
First Machine / Elastic Bang : Deviant Electronics
Elation Station / Echonomix : Infected Mushroom
Komit : Juno Reactor
Dawn of a new error / Last half of forever : Doof

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