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Any New Orleans area Head-Fi members?

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  1. Merck
    I'm in the suburbs of of the Big Easy and I was just wondering if, and how many, other members on this forum are in the same area.  If so, then you have probably noticed as I have, that there just isn't any business in the area that has a selection of headphone equipment to demo or even look at.  Unless of course you want to go to Best Buy and listen to some rapper headphones.
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  2. operamatt

    just joined head-fi today but have been using this site for the final say in my headphone purchases.

    lol I'm going to the best buy in Metairie today to return some klipsch s4's and continue my iem search.
  3. Merck

    I'm not sure what sort of sound you are looking for but I have the S4i and after comparing it to Etymotic's HF3, I always choose the HF3.  At first it sounded really bright but it doesn't seem so anymore.  Could be burn in or maybe its my brain becoming more familiar with the sound but I love the sound.
  4. operamatt
    well I purchased some phiaton ps200's and some monster miles davis tribute iems. Next will most likely be the westone 4r.
  5. NguyenAdam
    I'm from New Orleans, but I am in no way an expert in audio equipment. I'm a beginner myself. Just ordered a pair of HD 555s because I got a great deal on them. My next phones may be the AKG k240 MKIIs or the Fischer Audio FA-011s.
  6. operamatt
    welcome from 504

    my sennhieser mm550's arrived yesterday

    maybe after we gather up some other local head-fiers we can do alittle meet
    there is no place I know of in this city that has decent headphones to listen to
  7. operamatt

    and btw! everyone on this forum is right. no matter how much cash you make, say goodbye to your wallet
  8. Merck


    You can listen to Grados at Wilson Audio in Metairie.  The owner is an old guy who is pretty oldschool.  The place doesn't look like much but he has some pretty decent stuff there.  I think Guitar Center carries the Shure brand.  Other than that there just isn't any selection.
  9. operamatt
    thanks for the tip about Wilson audio

    I'll def. give them a try
  10. TruBrew
    I didn't know he carried Grado's. He is definitely old school. Fun to talk to, just don't bring up surround sound. He spent a long time trying to explain to me why movie audio sounds better in stereo. Something about how it is all intended to be stereo. Honestly, it made no sense. I wish he carried more brands, but it is worth checking out. 
    I have been meaning to go check out the new Uptown Audio Video in Metairie. It seems like they sell some nice stuff. I know the guy over there from when he used to work for Audio Resource. I am going to see if I can convince him to let me take some recordings with my Realiser, assuming they have a show room with good acoustics.
  11. TruBrew
    Hey guys. I am going to try and scour the boards and send some PM's. I am hoping to consolidate all the locals into this thread. Maybe not everyone has seen it, so I am hoping if we get everyone in one place maybe we can actually make something.
  12. Merck


    This is a good idea.  Perhaps we will get a group who keeps up with the thread and once we all have decent rigs we could organize a meet or something. At the very least we could bitch about how much the guy at Wilson audio hates portable audio.  Oh but on a side note, that guy's shop is the only authorized Magnepan dealer anywhere near here.  I think Alabama would be the next closest place.  So if you want him to show you what Maggies sound like then he will be more than happy to show you, and they do sound fantastic.
  13. Merck

    Did you ever check out Uptown Audio Video?  I am curious about their showroom.  It seems they offer a lot of well known brands.  Another place i wouldn't mind visiting is Velentino Home Entertainment in Baton Rouge.  They used to be located in Metairie but they moved after Katrina.  Based on their website, http://www.vheonline.com/ it looks like they have an interesting series of rooms to audition their available products.
  14. Richiyaado
    Hello all,
    I'm in the Marigny, and thought I'd say hello. These days, I primarily use headphones for portability, and have the Beyer DT 1350. In the past, I had a pair of T1s, but sold them (they sounded great, but I just wasn't using them much). If there's ever a meet around here, I'd certainly be interested!
  15. subjekt32
    Just got a PM about this group.  I haven't been on Head-Fi much in the last year.  I sold my can rig about this time last year to fund my 2 channel speaker setup.  I had a set of Grado SR325i, Little Dot I+ tube amp, Valab NOS DAC and Audio Metallurgy interconnects.  I still have me Etymotic ER-4Ps for when I travel.  I sold the cans, amp and DAC.  I picked up a set of Zu Omen speakers in sangria red, Will Vincent ST-70 SET tube amp, Conrad Johnson PV-1 (with PV-2 upgrade and phono section upgrade), Pro-ject RPM 1.3 turntable, Zu interconnects and power cable, and a Cambridge Audio Azur 740c upsampling CD player with optical in and dual Wolfson WM8740 24-bit DACs.
    I do miss the cans, but there is NOTHING that compares to high sensitivity speakers and quality SET power.  The ST-70 tube amp is only putting out about 17wpc, but I can only turn the CJ preamp up about half way before the Zu speakers want to blow me right out of the room.  The amp is a Dynaco unit from the 60's that is completely restored by Will Vincent piece by piece.  The chassis is powder coated, all wiring and caps replaced and the tubes are upgraded to Electro Harmonics EL-34EH and wired in SET mode.  I picked up the Cambridge unit at a local pawn shop by pure luck for only $200!  The TT was purchased new and I caught the Zu cables on sale.   The CJ preamp, though over 30 years old looks brand new.  It hold up its reputation for being one of the most musical preamps ever produced.
    I listen to a ton of high quality digital stuff fed through the DAC via a squeezebox, but AMAZING things happen when I pull something from the vinyl collection.  I'll pick up another set of cans one day, but this setups is way more than enough for me right now.  I've heard more than my fair share of 2 channel setups, and I'm convinced that I have pieced together something magical.  I've never heard anything in the sub $10,000 range that sounds quite this good... maybe even the sub $15,000 range, with the exception of a Von Schweikert setup I heard (but I still believe it topped $15k after amplification).
    Do you guys have any 2 channel rigs?
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