Any info on KGSS vs Woo GES?
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Aug 22, 2010
Hi guys,
I have a feeling that too few of you have had the opportunity to hear both the Woo Audio GES and the Headamp KGSS (especially in one sitting) but I was hoping to see if anyone had an idea of what the differences are between the two amps.
At one time, maybe four or five years ago, it looked like these two were top competitors for the Stax O2s (before the BHSE and the WES started showing up more prominently).
I personally own the GES and really love them with the O2, but I don't have other amps to compare the differences. Just wondered if the KGSS would even be an upgrade.
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I am interested in this topic also.  I've read comments about design differences and how one is superior to the other but not so much from someone who has had a chance to listen to both amps extensively.
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Kgss has more power, better match for the omega II then the GES. OII is very hard to drive, and when there isn't enough power the bass suffers. The GES is better suited for the lambda models.Having said that though, it should be interesting to see where the sr-009 falls as it is a little bit easier to drive then the oII and might make a better pairing with the GES... at least I sure hope so!

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