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Any Hi-Fi engineers/enthusiast in Connecticut?

  1. coinmaster
    I spend a lot of time designing audio gear but I am mostly an analogue guy and I'm running into walls when trying to design digital and high speed switching circuits such as Dacs and class D endeavors. Mostly due to money constraints but also because no one on the web wants to answer my questions.

    The stuff I've designed sounds better than anything I've heard at any price but I cannot complete my R&D without delving into digital and high speed switching circuits. I could learn these things on my own but that costs time and more importantly money I don't have.

    Is there anyone in the state of connecticut or nearby that enjoys audio R&D and has the skills I lack? What I wouldn't do for a partner.
    Anyone that's into audio R&D is cool too. I'm tired of taking on the world alone with my limited means.

    Fingers crossed It's a sad day when I have to ask the same questions all over the web for a year and not get a response.
  2. coinmaster
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  3. DutchGFX
    I am somewhat limited in my skills, but I'm in CT and I do some analog design stuff. I know some digital logic circuits as well but I've never really experimented at all. I study EE in school which is where a lot of my experience comes from. I've designed and built a few tube amps and I'm currently working on a hybrid. I'd love to just chat some time about random R&D stuff...

    Most of my expertise is in signal processing in MATLAB and Python but my passion is definitely Analog design.

    Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss anything!
  4. coinmaster
    Anyone else?
  5. coinmaster

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