Any advices on Pioneer SE-CLX40? and other IEMs (long post)
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Dec 13, 2010
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Dec 13, 2010
Hi there! Is my first post here, but I have read a lot in this forum and now is time to get some particular recommendations about what can I get for my pleasure and my budget.
Ok, long post (sorry =P):
I live in Mexico, and here you cant get only a few models and brands of earphones.
I consider me a basshead xD my main music genres are chillout, lounge, and house. Something jazzy may be..
Second, my main problem with headphones is the cable, particularly the plug, because I use my headphones in my cel phone, and constantly I put it in and out of my pocket. For these reason, I loved my Phillips SHE9500/01 (like $12 USD here) because they have a little extension (60 cm). If the extension is broken, the earphones still works n_n (If someone knows where to get these extensions cheaply, I am considering importing 10 of these xD) At this moment, I keep buying these earphones only to get the extension for using it with other models ¬_¬
In other hand, I prefer the cables behind the neck, because I can take in and take off the buds easily without saving them in my pocket everytime.
Next, more previous and current models...
I had the CX 300 Precicion II, I don't know if there is a difference between this and the original CX 300. In some post I read CX300 II is like CX400. Well, if the CX300 is considered too bassy, is ok for my needs, I liked it, but the plug is broken now u_u
Other phillips model (and my current earphones) are the SHE9550 (these cost me like $8USD). This are MORE bassy, and I think sometimes distort, and sometimes sounds ok lol. these have a short cable, for attaching your player with it. I currently use these with the SHE 9500/01 extension...
I got a JVC HA-FX34 pair (in a deal, like $8USD). I have read this are bassy and punchy but...I can't find that bass...I only get bass of my taste when I use equalizer and turn up the left bar n_n. But I love the eartips of these. I use it with my phillips.
Oh, and about the SHE9500, this were my first $10+ model, I had like 4-5 pairs of these and in general I liked it, good bass for me and comfortable..well, at start, because now I can't put these very well in my ears, I don't know why...Maybe are too big.
A week ago, I bought a Pioneer SE-CLX40 pair (like $55 USD)... I arrived at home, open it..surprise, the left side punch more bass than the right side o_O the other frequencies are ok. May be I am going deaf... swaping the buds, left to right, and, same problem. After some discussion, and the vendors testing this pair and saying they sound ok (they are deaf xD ), I got a refund (here the warranties are really a problem...) I liked this pair, well, if it sounded correctly, because I felt the bass, big bass, and are good for other frequencies too. The cable was more thick and felt resistant. And includes a clip to attach it to your shirt. 
Now, I am considering to get these again (in other store), or going for other earphones. I have searched int he forum, and no posts about this pair. Maybe I can get the SE-CLX50 but the price raises (maybe 80USD). In other side, I am considering the Senns CX280 or the CX281 (only to get the Y adapter lol) because I read here these are a good model, but I am afraid of the bass... I can get this for 45USD aprox (and 50 the CX281). Oh, and I can get the Panasonic HJE 270 in $20USD aprox, any advice on this? I haven't found a post about this pair.
Finally, I am not a pro and may be my ears aren't very good xD but I am looking for something in the sub $100 market and ok for my taste.
If someone has a better suggestion, please tell me. Maybe I can consider spending a little more on importing a pair from USA because I can't find many models, and they are more expensive.
PS: Sorry for my English, tell me if something isn't clear. and thanks for your time reading this.
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