Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by SilverEars, Jan 14, 2018.
  1. SilverEars
    I can't wait for this one. This is probably the only game I'm looking forward to at the moment. Nothing like I've ever seen before.

  2. heliosphann
    Yea, I'm excited as well.
  3. Monsterzero
    It looks great,but Im going to wait until reviews start coming in.It is EA afterall,King of Loot Boxes :frowning2:
  4. Kevincav
    Truth be told, I was excited but seeing how destiny and BFII is going... I'm probably going to pass on it. It's a shame.
  5. Growler
    This looks just like Mass effect done right haha
  6. SilverEars
    Yeah, same Bioware, but the development was concurrent so perhaps they have a great number of developers and this was worked on by a different team with greater resources to push for next gen.

    When I look at the robo design, looks to have design traits of robot design and the movements from Evangelion, but also the concept of the suit from Masamume Shirow's Appleseed series. Perhaps inspiration from the designers. Design and graphics looks highly appealing, but I wonder about the gameplay.

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  7. jomy
    It's looking pretty great to be honest.

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