(another) "Which headphone should i get"
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Aug 2, 2008
Okay, iv been reading posts and reviews about different headphones for a little bit now. I have been a miner audiophile for about 3 years now and have spent most of my time building up my home sound system and have lacked in the quality of my headphones. Right now im using some cheap sony MDR-V150s, and would like a upgrade now that i have a pretty good setup and music collection.

What im looking for:
- $50 to $100
- headphones that dont leak to much, open or closed(going to use in public)
- some headphones that i can use on an ipod without an amp
- comfort. i spend 2+ hours on average with headphones on.
- no in-ear or street style
- would like something not too huge

I have been looking at the grado SR60 and the sennheiser HD-485, i would prefer the grado, but iv heard it leeks really bad.
Also, i listen to alot of progressive and alternative rock and not alot of rap, so a lot of bass is not what im looking for

Thanks, john

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