Another "What Headphone" Thread..
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New Head-Fier
Jul 30, 2007
Ok so i am looking for a pari of Headphones. I have been looking at K518DJ's, i prefer them over the K81DJ's as i dont like the colour of the latter, but anyways.

I will be using them for:

- Listening to music/games/movies off my computer, most of the time in an office type environment so i need good isolation so i don't annoy other people.
- Listening to my iPod (Gen 6 iPod Video), either at home or on bus/train/university etc.
- Occasionally listening to music/movies through my home stereo system.

I like the idea of the longer cable like the K518's have, i dont want a short 1.2m cable or anything.

Budget is around US$70 or so i guess
But if i can get a good set for $40 then id rather do that then spend $70 for not much extra gain.

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