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Android player software for Android box

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by nicknack40, Jun 29, 2018.
  1. nicknack40
    Hey all after little help please could somebody recommend an Android player for an Android box which works great im using a Minix Neo u1 Android box at the moment. looking for a decent player for my own collection of music. See i have an Dali Kubic One Soundbar which offers 24/96 via its USB currently using the Soundbar via its optical for the TV but wanting to use it via USB for music is they anything Decent out there that will work great on an android box im stuck on this asked around without much response could somebody help please
  2. nicknack40
    Anybody please?
  3. Marmite
    I would think any Android player would work. AIMP is a nice free player.
  4. Ahriakin
    I'm a fan of Neutron, plenty of customisation and optimisation options and good library management. That said I've just used it on portable devices, but that includes a FIIO X7 Mk2 and it handles the advanced DAC features with ease (High Res PCM, DSD etc.).

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