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Oct 2, 2008
So this past Saturday my Grado SR-60s arrived. I had gone with the SR-60s because, one, I don't have much spare cash lately, and two, I haven't heard anybody say they weren't at lest very good. Previously I'd had a couple of pairs of "good" Sonys, but these are the first pair I've had with some "cred".

Good lord. If you are in the same boat I was, and are wondering if it's really worth it or if your ears aren't good enough to warrant an expensive set of phones.. Go order a pair *now*. Right now.

At first I have to admit, they sounded good. Very good. But it wasn't the transcendant experience I was expecting. I started flipping through my collection of FLAC files listening for the differences. I was thoroughly enjoying them but it was nothing really to write home about.

That was until I went over to my turntable and popped on Disraeli Gears. Even through my cheap phono stage and Sony AV receiver, I was hearing things I've never heard before. On "Sunshine of your Love", I can now hear Ginger Baker whooping in the background and Jack Bruce's fingers plucking the bass strings. Absolutely amazing since I've heard this song dozens of times and never noticed those things before.

Later, my wife went to bed, and the house was completely silent (Important with these open cans..). I popped on the Beatle's White Album, and listened to "Revolution". The sound of the guitar in that song is astounding with decent cans.. thick, super distorted.. but detailed and articulate. It used to just get mudded up and sounded like every other distorted guitar I've ever heard, but with the Grados I'm absolutely amazed by the sound of it.

So I'm sold. I ordered a Little Dot I+ and I can't wait to see how that plays with my "budget" SR-60s. The Grados are absolutely one of the best buys I've ever made, and I can only imagine what else I could hear with some RS-1s..

Just thought you might all like to hear the impressions of a "newb".
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Jun 16, 2006
unfortunately, the higher you go, it's more about personal preference and different sounding then noticing a huge difference. But if you want the Grado sound, and headphones comparable to the RS1 id look at the 325i or RS2, preferable used. Or just get a better source and amp, if this is your sound.

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