Amtrak Trains and headphone gear
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Jun 13, 2007
I was perusing over the amtrak site recently for items prohibited from the train as carry on and happened to notice the rather vague "anything valuable or fragile such as electronics" mentioned there despite allowing PDAs MP3 players etc and even rather encouraging people to bring them. I was wondering if anyone ever had trouble bringing on board larger sized headphones or, more particularly important, headphone amps. I'm looking to use the train to move this next month and was hoping to just bring my headfive amplifier along with me, perhaps on my person. But now given that vague statement I found on their baggage page, I am just wondering if anyone here has ever tried?
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Why would they restrict such things? This makes no sense to me! AH! Communism! Or is it just capitalism?
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They're probably just doing it as a blanket CYA liability statement.
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On the ten times or so I have been on Amtrak they are very relaxed on what you bring. They don't really have people walking around and they do not check what is in your bags. You will be fine with your headphone gear. Depending on who sits by you, it will be the best thing in the world.
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^Same experience here. I've only taken Amtrak once (last spring, Empire Builder route between Seattle and Chicago), but they were extremely slack about baggage security. They didn't care about how many bags we had or where we put them. That's one of the reasons I like the train so much.
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IEM's are god's blessed virgin kisses to your ears on a train, plain, bus, or in a room of in-laws. go forth and be soothed by the bliss of the canalphone, and banish all thoughts of BOSE from thy mind

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