Amp to go with HD 555
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The SQ of the HD555 definitely improves when amped..the soundstage is noticeably better. Unamped the sound is flat and a bit boring.

(I am using the D10 as my DAC/amp)
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Originally Posted by killz23 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ibasso D10?
I'm not sure which is the better amp, and worth the money.. As you know, newbies like me...Kinda have a tight wallet..haha..

sorry...yes i am talking about the iBasso D10 (see my sig.)

I suppose some cheaper amps should be able to drive the HD555 as well
(such as iBasso T4, Nuforce Mobile Icon etc)
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Hey! A fellow Idaho head-fi-er!

FWIH, the Fiio E5 sounds good with the 555's. With your budget, maybe you could look into one of HotAudio's offerings.

I'm using an old NAD preamp with an E-mu 1212m as my source, and am really liking it.

I've also done some fairly extensive mods to my 555's, with good results. Check my blog (link below) if you want more details.

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