Amp Stuck In Stand-By. Please help.
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Jan 3, 2005
A friend of mine bought a Kinergetics Research CD player, preamp, and amp from Ebay. The seller said that the equipment was bought at an estate sale an that the cables were missing.

Once he hooked everything up he found that the power amp would not come out of standby mode. We are assuming that it is some sort of 12V trigger that is causing this problem. The preamp has a separate power supply and on the back of the power supply there is a 3 prong connector and the power amp has what looks like a locking phono jack, like the 3.5mm size, on the back that has the label "remote on/off".

Since the cables are missing does anyone know how to get the amp out of standby mode?

Here's some pics.
Power supply for preamp:


Back of power amp:
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Originally Posted by heatmizer /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Did you check the fuses?

Yes, all fuses were checked. Did that first thing.

The Stand-By light is on. Also the preamp power supply has a toggle switch on the front that says "amp on/off".
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Is Kinergetics still in business? Or, do you have the manuals? If you don't have the manuals, contact the manufacturer. I find it odd that the amp/preamp depend upon the remote function being present and connected in order to turn on...

Looks like a 3-pin DIN on the back of the pre PSU, and a 1/4" stereo on the power amp... lousy connector choice on that end since it is a standard audio signal connector type. That looks like a Neutrik locking 1/4" jack on the power amp
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Might have better luck at audiokarma with this sort of thing.
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Kinergetics is out of business, at least under that name. I think the company is still putting out products under a different name.

He got no manuals with the units. I guess Kinergetics is a pretty obscure company. I can't find the manuals anywhere online.
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Kinergetics and Chiro were associated with each other (maybe the same company). Both out of business.

Google on "12V trigger" and you should get some hits. I know I got a hit describing grabbing a radioshack wallwart and building something to power another amp brand with a trigger (and no corresponding preamp). That one had a terminal strip on the back with "+" and "-" on it. This isn't that difficult... the preamp supplies 9-12V to the amp to turn it on. With a DMM you should be able to determine what pins on the preamp are the 12V and ground, and perhaps look inside the amp to determine how that is hooked up. Is the mini plug into the amp stereo or mono? Etc.

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