Amp recommendation for Hifiman HE-560
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Dec 4, 2014
Hey everyone,

I am looking for a desktop amp recommendation for Hifiman HE-560.
My Magni 3 is really not up to the challenge and distorts a lot at high volume. It does pretty well with more sensitive headpones (like my AKG K550 and FLC Technology FLC8S IEMs, though it is still a bit bright with Audeze Sine and Phillips Fidelio X2), but the HE-560 turns out to be very difficult to drive.

Looking for something in the 200-250 Euro (for used) range. Would that be possible? Can I get away without spending for a really expensive amp?
A DAC + Amp combo would also work for me. In the range of 400-500 Euro (for used). But here I get more picky and would like balanced outputs as well, DSD support, USB, coaxial & optical inputs and a toroid for power.

I would really appreciate some help, especially from someone who has some experience with these headphones because I have seen some recommendations purely based on specs on paper, but those can be misleading. Cause even if an Amp does have the power to drive these cans, still there is no data of the distortion levels with high volume.

Thanks in advance! :)

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