Amp for T70's preferably under $325 CAD?

  1. Ventace
    So I don't know, I own an ODAC+O2 combo from Massdrop that's great with my K7xx's, and my Little Dot Mk II is brilliant with it, but I got these T70's a while ago for free off a friend. With the OCombo, it sounds tinny as anything, the mids are sooo far out there, but with the LD, everything just sounds hollow altogether. At least with the OCombo, cymbals from drums come out great but that's it. I listen to a mix of classical, some jazz, and rock.
    Any recommendation for an amp that can really really bring out the potential of the T70's?

    Edit: In case somebody thinks my friend gave it to me for free because it's defective, that's not the case. He bought a T1 and a Valhalla, so he saw no need his T70's anymore.
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  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Darkvoice 336SE OTL tube headphone amplifier?
    Is there a difference in the sound with the T70, between using the O2 and the LittleDot MK II?
  3. Ventace
    I found that with the O2, low frequencies were nowhere to be found, and mids felt like they were extremely distant. Only higher frequencies seemed to be portrayed with any accuracy.
    With the LittleDot MK II, note that I am using Voshkod's 6ZH1P-EV tubes burned in four about 100+ hours, the headphones just sound muffled. I'm not quite sure why, but it sounds like something akin to a Sennheiser veil with no redeeming richness, or in other words, like a cloth is being held between myself and the headphones. All frequencies seem muddied.
    I'm sure there are no issues with the tubes, as my K7XX's perform extremely well with both, ESPECIALLY the MK II.

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