Amp for Sennheiser Game Zero.
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May 18, 2016
Hello, I just got a new Sennheiser Game Zero headset. I had read previously that it had same drivers design etc as the HD 380 Pro, which I owned, until they broke. However, upon plugging the headphones into my phone, I feel they sound quite a bit weaker and lower volume than the HD 380 Pro. (With 380s I had Sony Xperia Z1 and now with Game Zero, its Xperia Z5). Also, some places on internet state they are 50 Ohms while others, say they are 150 Ohms.
So, looking at above scenario, do you think I need a headphone amp for these? 
If so, I searched a little and found Fiio E6, Q1, E17, E12 and E18. Now I'm having difficulty deciding which one would be best for me. I do like to plug these into my phone and roam around my house so I'd like something portable. I do not necessarily need DAC because in the past, I found my phones DAC to be reasonably good and with my PC I have an RME audio interface (not accessible at the moment so I can't check if its my phone that can't power the headphones). 
The E6 looks wonderful to me for its lower price, and small size. But I have read that E12 is the cleanest of all and better sounding than E17. E18 is also supposed to be better sounding than E17 but not how it compares to the E12. 
I'm not limited to just these amps, any other good amp if you recommend would also be wonderful. Basically what I'm looking for :
1) Sound Quality
2) Portability and easy of use/quick and simple.
3) Value for price. Price cut-off is like around 150-200$ but I could get something fitting my needs for like 20-30$ I'd prefer that.
I don't see myself getting some higher end headphones in atleast 2-3 years.
Thank you.
Edit: Just found 2 more interesting amps : 1) FiiO K1; 2) Creative Sound Blaster E1
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  Thanks. I'll be placing my order in an hour or 2 for E18 so, if there's anything anyone would like to add...

Why not just get a FiiO x3 Gen II, should offer better audio quality, then your phone.

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