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Amp for HD650 : Graham Slee Novo / Little Dot MKVII / Little Dot MKIII / Bottlehead Crack ( <500$ ) ???

  1. Aeolus Kratos
    Hi guys, I'm totally a newbie here. After owning and using some headphones ( HD202, ATH-M50, HD555, Denon D2000, DT880 and even JVC DX1000 ). I also have listened to several other headphones gear ( HD800, T1, W5000, etc ) . But none of that makes me completely in love with. Until...
    I finally found my favorite headphone: HD650. Its sound sign matches my taste so well. I like bass the most, but not as a bass-head. I'm addicted to GOOD quality bass ( decay, control, impact... ). Mid and treble is clear and detail. My genre is Vocal, Jazz, Classical, Pop and little bit slow rock.
    I'm currently using the Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe as DAC. Its sound is natural, a little bit warmer and fuller than the ODacs. And I'm considering to buy headamp for my HD650 and CardDeluxe.
    After some reading and research, I have several options and I can't make up my mind. I can't try all these amps and I have to blind-buy. So I would choose carefully :frowning2:
    - Graham Slee Novo ( I've read a lot of positive feedback about this amp paired with HD650 )
    - Little Dot MKIII ( seems like a good cheap tube pre/headamp )
    - Little Dot MKVII ( good cheap ss balance amp )
    - Bottlehead Crack ( good cheap DIY option )
    - Schiit Lyr ( recommended by MalVeauX )
    Is there any other recommendations? My budget must be BELOW 500$
    Thanks a lot :)
  2. MalVeauX
    The Schiit Lyr pairs really well with the HD650 to me.
    Very best,
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  3. MatsudaMan
    What about throwing Nuforce Icon HDP in the mix.  A lot of people talk of it being too bright and forward in presentation, which would pair very well with the HD650's sound sig.  You should be able to find some in depth reviews around here somewhere. Also, I'd think about some offerings from Ray Samuels, as I think he uses HD600 or HD650 headphones when voicing his amps, and he has many that can drive Senns well for under 500.  Good luck, man.
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  4. Aeolus Kratos
    Hi, I tried the HDPs with HD650 and I don't really like it very much.
    Ray Samuels I only auditioned the RSA Protector Unbalance with HD600, and it's really good. But I want a desktop headamp for home use. I'm considering the Samuel as well :)

    Thanks a bunch!
    Can you tell me how is the sound of this combo ( Lyr + HD650 ) ?
    Thanks a lot.
  5. mrarroyo Contributor
    Aeolus I like the Novo with the HD580 and HD600 a lot. Where are you located? Send me a PM if you are interested.
  6. Aeolus Kratos

    PM sent :D

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