Amp and DAC(not combo) for $1000
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Apr 19, 2009
Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Mark IV to a proper setup. I play from my laptop, so if there is no usb plug, I have to factor in the USB->whatever converter to the cost.

My motivation for the upgrade is to properly drive my HD600's. I have heard HD600's on expensive setups and I feel like they are not anywhere near their potential on mine. I also own AD700's, which get more play time at the moment.

-No amp/DAC combos.
-Amp must be solid state. Good build quality is a must.
-$1000 MAX. If you think I should save up for something more expensive, please state reason.

I am in no hurry to buy. If you think I should save up for a better setup, please give a good reason.

Thank you!
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If you are wiling to try something non commercial, the AMB M^3 amp would do a great job for you.. You could probably get one built for you for around $500. For a dac, you could go for something like the Cambridge DAC Magic ($400?), or if you are willing to try something radical, get someone to build you a DAC using one of the CS4397 or CS4398 based DAC boards that are on EBAY right now(search for Noodle DAC on HF), and have them perform the mods being developed here, or at the DIY audio forum. The latest mod that is gaining popularity is to completely bypass the output section and use 1:1 transformers on the output.. You could have an amazingly good sounding DAC for around $300(noticeably better than the DAC magic)..
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I am very happy with the combination of a Devilsound DAC with the Eddie Current EC/SS.
I am using this with my Notebook and a Grado RS-1.
The sound is very impressive and this combination is just $730.-


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