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Ambient Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by kundi, Feb 5, 2016.
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  1. Lenni
  2. Lenni
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  3. katchoo
    Oh boy. First of all, I'm new here so hello everyone. :)

    I'm hoping someone can help me find the music I am looking for. I recently got into soundtracks for movies and games. I like stuff like Cliff Martinez and the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack. This has led me to seek music that is similar to that but not soundtracks. I'm traditionally into punk so this is a whole new world to me. I came across ambient music, then dark ambient and I love the sound but there's something missing. Basically I'm looking for something dark ambient but has maybe piano or keyboard over it, or some kind of electronic sounds. I want it down-tempo and I don't want any electronic music that's too in your face. I prefer it chilled and atmospheric, kinda dark and eerie or haunting. So I came across "Psychill" and "Psybient" but from what I've listened to it seems a bit too electronic, whereas dark ambient is a bit too... ambient lol. Is there a middle ground? Where should I start? I'm totally lost. Like I say, it's a completely new genre of music for me.

    I'm guessing you fine folk will be able to tell me.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And if there are any bands with vinyl out that's a big plus!

    Thanks so much and I hope me posting in this thread is ok.
  4. TJ Elite
    I don’t know if I’m the most knowledgeable person to answer this, but I’ll try. For dark ambient with some piano to make it not too ambient, the first thing that came to mind was this album:

    My cousin of all people also released a dark ambient album earlier this year that I feel fits the description.

    I don’t know how you feel about drone, but I find this album by Black Swan incredibly beautiful. Let me know what you think. As a big fan of the first three Silent Hill games, I think it gives me some of the same vibes now that I think about it.

    Let me know what you like and don’t like and I can recommend more. Also feel free to check out my Bandcamp collection linked in my signature. There’s quite a bit of ambient and drone in there, among other things.
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  5. Lenni

    Honestly, I haven't a clue.

    I'm slowly discovering this genre myself. I'm not a huge ambient fan, but I do enjoy it. I just keep looking for the good ones and then share what I think might be interesting.

    Keep looking
  6. Passenger11

    There are so many excellent composers...
    Here are a few albums from sound artists I really enjoy,

  7. katchoo
    Flowers For Bodysnatchers is quite close to what I'm looking for. I quite like it! I'm not sure how I'd want it changed. But yeah, that's a good shout. Thank you for your thoughtful reply and for taking the time to post those albums for me. To try and summarise what I'm after:

    - no vocals
    - dark ambient aspects
    - atmospheric
    - piano/keyboard/electronic elements
    - downtempo
    - eerie/haunting is a bonus
    - kinda like if Kammarheit and Carbon Based Lifeforms had a baby (lol that's the best I can do)

    Does that help at all? Flowers For Bodysnatchers is growing on me...

    Will do, thank you!

    Hey thank you for another thoughtful reply. I quite like Solar Fields and Biosphere. I need to listen to them more for a better verdict but I like what I hear so far. What genre(s) would you say they are? I'm off to do more listening. Thanks again.
  8. TJ Elite
    I don’t think of ambient too much in terms of what elements it has but rather simply whether I like it or not, so giving very specific recommendations is rather hard and requires a lot of brainpower. My recommendation would be to browse the catalogues of some labels you can find on Bandcamp like Cryo Chamber, 12k, Dream Catalogue, Time Released Sound, Ultimae and so on and see what you like. I often find that I may like one album from an ambient artist but not the rest of their discography, so I prefer finding labels that have an overall sound I like and a certain level of quality even if I don’t like everything they release.
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  9. Kundi
    This labels are good too:
    https://astrangelyisolatedplace.bandcamp.com/ similar to 12K
    https://cycliclaw.bandcamp.com/ similar to Cryo Chamber
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  10. Lenni
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  11. katchoo
    Thank you both. I'd not heard of those labels other than Cryo Chamber. I've been doing as you said and so far have come across these artists that I like (but still arent quite hitting the spot):

    Carbon Based Lifeforms
    S U R V I V E
    Atrium Carceri
    Holy Other
    Martin Nonstatic
    S1gns Of L1fe
    Randal Collier-Ford
    Arovane & Hior Chronik

    There are sooooooo many artists out there and this is so new to me it's a little overwhelming but I'll get there. :dt880smile:

    Thanks once again.
  12. TJ Elite
    Take your time. Music is a lifelong journey and especially when exploring a new genre it takes time to develop an ear, taste and appreciation for it. Jazz is now my absolute favore genre, but it took me years to get into it. With some maybe it clicked immediately. Ambient music and styles closely associated with it can be challenging for some people because they can demand a different style of listening to them than they may be used to. I also find that I have a couple different approaches. Sometimes I try to listen to the music passively without actively focusing on it but not thinking of anything else either or ignoring it and kind of just letting it wash over me and both feel it and take it in subconsciously. The other approach is to give it my absolute attention, maybe turn off the lights and close my eyes, and just try to take in every detail, all of that texture, while also being aware of the form and shape the music is taking as a whole. Really well executed ambient can be one of the mentally most taxing and intense experiences out there in music. With drone it becomes extremely physical and emotional for me, at times too overbearing for me to handle. Minimalism can have the same effect, well more emotional than physical.

    Keep listening. See what you like and keep in mind sometimes it takes time for some music to grow on you. If for whatever reason something you didn’t really care for stays on your mind, maybe go back to it and see if it on some weird level has something for you.
  13. katchoo
    It's funny you should mention jazz. A friend of mine steered me towards a "darkjazz" playlist and I actually liked it. Sometimes it got too jazzy for me but overall it was good. Never knew such a thing existed.

    I've listened to so much ambient stuff I'm probably gonna hate it all by the time I'm finished :laughing:
  14. TJ Elite
    Yes, I intended to mention that don’t burn yourself out on one genre by overexposing yourself to it. Take a break once in a while and listen to something else too.
  15. Lenni
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