AMAZING DEAL ALERT ! check it out
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Nov 28, 2008
I don't know if it's right to put this here but this is just a great deal that i saw on Stereophile Forums and had to let you guys know, I waited to post this till my order came all good and a couple of days ago i got this beautiful brand new Marantz DV 4001 - CD/DVD player for just 69.99 +12 shipping on Amazon , chech Marantz site goes for 299.00, and this is not old cd player, check its features it can play anything on anything but Blue rays, it plays all kind of CD's & DVD's even plays DiVX Ultra, i couldn't belive the price but i have right here with me a nice brand new unit with a good SQ.

I don't know why are they giving them so cheap? That's from a vendor on Amazon but they also have the same deal on theirs own website too.
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I'm not familiar with the DV4001, but I do own the DV6001. If the DV4001 is anything like the DV6001, it will play CD's surprisigly well. The SQ is very good with a nice warmth and analog sound. My DV6001 plays CD's, SACD's, and DVD-A's very well indeed. I have not used it all for video. Sounds like a great deal since I paid $250 for the 6001. If you are interested in only CD's and DVD's, the DV4001 would be a great buy. I purchased the 6001 only because I wanted the SACD capability on the cheap.

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