Altitude/Temperature - Can you have different hearing experience?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by donkeywalker, Dec 28, 2017.
  1. donkeywalker
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  2. Speedskater
  3. Zapp_Fan
    Apparently pressure has a very small effect, based on what Speedskater posted, but I wonder what effect temperature might have. If it was very cold and/or very dry in a room, it might make speaker cones stiffer and therefore change performance a bit. I'm speculating but it at least seems plausible to me.
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  4. donkeywalker
    I quickly learned in Headfi in the early days that people perceive sound differently and will have completely different opinion of the same headphones even if they drive then on the same amp/dac listening to the same music. Now adding Temperature and air pressure into another confounding variable just made it harder.
  5. Zapp_Fan
    I would not imagine these factors usually make a perceptible difference. I'm thinking maybe the difference between (say) 90F and 30F could make a loudspeaker sound different. I don't think air pressure (in normal ranges) has much of an effect at all. And when it comes to headphones, probably the effects would be even less.
  6. bigshot
    Cold ears probably hear differently than nice cozy ones. Better for Sibelius!

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