Alternatives to Sony HW700DS for surround headphone
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May 24, 2020
hi everyone! :)

I'm relatively new to the headphone scene as I've always been using my main HT system and subs. :) But due to having a young child at home & i can't blast, I am not able to use my main system. Hence I migrated to headphones to watch my movies late at night which brings me a BIG SMILE and keeps me sane!

I am currently using the Sony HW700DS headphone system.

I love what I am hearing on the Sony HW700DS for movies and I am waiting for the JVC Exofield to be released. But the JVC's release looks like to be delayed to later part this year due to the coronavirus.

So I'm looking for good alternatives that can perform better than the Sony HW700DS in the interim period while I wait for the JVC to be released. The Smyth is out for me as it's too expensive.

Usage is 100% movies. I don't use a HTPC at all for movies and I only play my movies 100% via my Oppo 203 BD/ Media player, with a shaker connected. So the headphone needs to work with my HT system and not thru a PC.

Any suggestions are very welcome! =)
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