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Alternative for Final Audio Design Adagio III

  1. magnez
    Hey guys,
    I've purchuased my Adagio III's about a year ago and It has now come to a point where the jack is malfunctioning sometimes and you simply cant hear the sound. I got them for a bargain really, £20. Anyway, I would very happily buy another pair but I just want some variation between my purchases. I am wondering If there are alternatives to these, perhaps a little better at a reasonable price. Lets say up to £100. But the cheaper the better ~ £40. 
    Thanks :)
  2. jant71
    The Elecom EHP-CA3570 or 3580 depending on preferred signature seem to be good options for cheap.
  3. magnez
    They look promising, however is there a way to get my hands on them in UK? I cant seem to find any

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