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Alphadynamic DT770's Review (Beyerdynamic DT770's with Alpha Pads)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by yacobx, Mar 13, 2015.
  1. stec
    140 USD sounds "not very friendly" lol, I will stick than with cheaper options, thanks yacobx!
  2. Vigrith
    ZMF pads are great and a little less excessive when it comes to price, like $40-50 a pair, they are humongous in size however compared to most other after-market leather pads (not to say this is a bad thing, I love them with many headphones).
  3. the boltman
    just get the alpha pads, those are the best
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  4. stec
    Hope the sound is even better than with standard pads :) but definitely looks great man (and comfortable)! :)
    PS: I already ordered the Alpha Pads as well, they back in stock two days ago!
  5. phrosty
    Wonder if anyone has tried this with the ETHER C pads. They're round, so may have a better fit?
  6. nScott89
    They are AMAZING on the DT770. Simply perfect, imo. I have absolutely no complaints with them. Super extended still but comfortable and not 'drill into your skull' level of bass like the stock black 'Limited Ed.' velour pads. These might be preferable for a LOT of music to the Alpha Prime, imo.
  7. yacobx

    Which pads are you talking about?
  8. nScott89
    The quoted Ether C pads.
  9. yacobx

    Can you add pics! Those must look amazing
  10. nScott89
    They really do.
    The highs are attenuated a bit and the bass is PRETTY accentuated vs the stock Limited Edition black velour pads. But the magic is in the mids.... Liquidy velvet mids with nice punchy bass. Fantastic mix.
    Edit: The picture I uploaded doesn't seem to be loading so... here's a link
    As you can tell, I'm VERY much enjoying them!
  11. dev0lver
    after seeing this thread, i became temped to try the same stuff with my dt770 80 ohm
    i had hm5 pads on my hyperx cloud, and i loved them, but i sold them with clouds because they are oval, so i didn't even bother to try to fit them on my dt770s, because i knew that it would require some pretty intense stretching, and i would risk damaging them...
    and looking on the web, i didn't find some rounded angled leather pads for which i knew, or they noted in product info, that it would fit on beyers, only the ones recommended here from mrspeakers
    brainwavz sells now rounded ones, but they are not angled, at least they don't have them available to buy right now, they probably will in future, but who knows..
    but to order them, i had one major problem, i live in europe, so ordering stuff from us, like the alpha pads or ether pads, considering the price of the pads, they would probably enter the customs fee territory, therefore increasing the price, and also adding the shipping cost, the price to order those pads goes quite up from the stated one on the site, so that was a big bummer
    but recently i found this on ebay, and i was hooked, specially because these are the first ones which are angled, real leather, and with the size of them, they will / should fit beyers perfectly
    there are some small differences from the alpha and ether pads (few mm in front and rear, depth), but since i didn't found anything similar anywhere, and those being really close to the size of mrspeakers pads, i pulled the plug and, ordered them
    they are due to be delivered from 10th of july till 31st of july
    so when i get my hands on them, i will give you some info on the fit and feel and the sound differences

    i know that it's risky to buy stuff like that from ebay, and expecting it to be the real thing, specially from china, but right now, this is my best option...
  12. yacobx
    I am excited to hear how this goes for you man
  13. dev0lver
    ok, so
    the pads came in the mail last week, and i spent some time to listen to them to see what going on
    and i must say, that as much as i like the stock pads because they are velour, and comfy as f, i have to give the same appreciation to these new ones
    they are real leather, lambskin, comfy as f, and since they are angled, my ears have more space inside, so i don't feel headphones on my ears like with stock pads
    sound is changed, but not much, to my preferences, i will gladly take this sound difference for better comfort
    note that i am using front damping mod, 1 paper towel and shelf liner, so highs are already toned down because of that , so the change in highs with this leather pads is minimal to my ears, mids i feel are tad bit more detailed then before, bass is increased slightly because of more space between my ears and driver, or to say inside the pad, subb bass gets more impact because of that also, so you get a nice rumble from it
    all in all, i really like them, and investing in them was great decision
    so everyone who don't have access to the alpha pads or ether pads, this leather pads from ebay (links above in post) have strong recommendation from my side
    here are some pictures of them on headphones, meaty af, i like the look of them :D
    dt770 new.jpg dt770 new2.jpg dt770 new3.jpg dt770 new4.jpg
    yacobx likes this.
  14. Hayduke5270
    I think in going to go ahead and get these pads. I really like what I'm hearing from you guys. The thing is: I don't find the treble to be overly bright on the stock 770's. Will this sacrifice clarity?
  15. SHAMuuu
    Those lambskins look temptng. I tried the hm5 sheeps but didn't find them better than 770vb on the 770.80LE. Though I like the silver velour look more. The MrSpeakers pads look like they would seal well. :D

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